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Hi, my name is Victoria. I know, I know, it’s a weird name. My parents named me Victoria because they wanted me to be named after a queen. But anyway, I just crash-landed on an island. I don’t think it’s Hawaii, though. There’s no one here except me. I also think I hit my head. Here’s what I remember: my parents hugging me and getting into the helicopter. Then they helped me into it too. We flew for a while, I think. The last thing I remember was my parents’ faces, looking worried, and the helicopter crashing, sending me down on the rocks to this unknown island.

“This is not gonna turn out well.” I mutter. “At least I might be able to catch some food.” I gazed at the ocean, which was buzzing with fish. I’m alone. So alone. I thought sadly. I ran across the sand, and accidentally stepped on what felt like a spear. I dug a hole in the sand and uncovered it. I finally realized. “It’s a fishing rod!” I shouted. “This will be perfect for catching fish! I wonder what kind of fish are swimming around.”

“Hey, Victoria!” I heard someone shout. I turned around. This person seemed familiar. “Izzi!” I shouted. Finally, someone found me! I thought excitedly. “Get over here! We have an airplane! I can fly you back!” She shouted. I ran to her. “Thank you so much, Izzi!” I said. Then a concerned look washed over her face. “Oh, I just remembered,” She said. “There’s not enough room.” “What?!?” I exclaimed. “It’s an airplane, for goodness sake! It should be big enough!” Izzi shifted her feet. “We’ve been rescuing people all day, Victoria! There’s so many tired, starving, and sad people on that plane! I hope you understand.” She turned and walked to the airplane. “Wait!” I called out. Ok, so maybe I really am doomed. 🙁

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