The Competition

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Cheering. Clapping. Shouting. 16-year old Crystal Stole sat down in the audience of the Camp Elk Summer Competition. It was like cabin V.S. cabin. Her cabin, the Wolf cabin, was up next. Suddenly, SPLASH! It felt like she was covered in cold water. Her eyes snapped open. It was all a nightmare! “Wake up! Today is the day!” her friend Ella said, shaking her vigorously. “Okay, okay. I’ll get up. But deep down I will always resent you for pouring that bucket of freezing water on me!” Crystal got up, dried off, got some fresh clothes on, and headed towards the mess hall to have breakfast. When the girls sat down at their table, Ella started chatting instead of eating, as usual. “I heard that the competition starts right after breakfast!” Ella said with a wide grin. “So that means we’ll have to practice our routine for the competition.” Ella continued. “Cool.” Crystal said sarcastically. She rolled her eyes, stuck her spoon in her oatmeal, and took a bite. Another girl with a blue shirt and a black skirt said, ”I’m a new recruit for Wolf Cabin, I think.” Ella replied, “I’m Ella, the Head Counselor for Wolf Cabin. Welcome!” “And I’m the head C.I.T. for Wolf Cabin.” Crystal said. They cleared their trays and walked back to their cabin.

Later, 12:56 PM, In Wolf Cabin…

“Guys! It’s 12:56! We need to get going! The competition starts at 1:00! Let’s grab our stuff and get to the Mess Hall!” Ella said excitedly. The three girls grabbed their stuff and ran to the Mess Hall. Beaver Cabin was performing for the Magic Bill. The Magic Bill was a slip of paper so that if you use it, you can get to do whatever you want. If your team won, then you got the Magic Bill. Beaver Cabin was doing a remix of the traditional Camp Elk song. “The trees, the fog, the wind blows.” They sang. A minute later Beaver Cabin finished. The announcer said, “Up next we have… Wolf Cabin!” The three girls stepped onto the stage and Ella grabbed a microphone. Crystal did the same. Ariana nervously sat down at the piano and set up her sheets of paper. They had made up a song about their camp. Ariana started the tune. “The sun shines, the wind blows,and it snaps at our clothes, feel the wind blowing, we make sure it goes, on.” Then Beaver Cabin thought that Wolf Cabin was doing well so they snooped behind the curtain and cut the wires that connected the microphones and the speakers. Snip. Ella noticed that the wires were cut, and she said, “ Aw, Come on!” The announcer called Wolf Cabin off stage and Beaver Cabin was beckoned to the camp owner’s office. The announcer gave Wolf Cabin the Magic Bill, and hurried off. They danced in victory.

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