The Most Complicated Summer Ever

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June 1, First Day Of Summer Break, 10:00 AM
I sighed. I moaned. I was bored out of my mind. And I was craving some ice-cold, sweet ice cream on this hot summer day. And I tried making my own ice cream, but what did I get? Chunky, icy, flavored milk that tasted like icy froth. And I also went into the pool, but you guessed, it didn’t work. The water was hot because of the scorching sun. So, when I came back in, my bathing suit was sticking to me, as if the sun and water molded me to it. I angrily stomped to my room, took a quick shower, and put on some clothes. I sluggishly walked to my mom, and she said, “Oh, dear! You’re as pale as a ghost!” Without warning, “Little Sis” came into the living room with a bucket of apple juice in her sticky hands. Mom put her hand on my forehead. She yelped and jerked her hand back. “My my! You’re sick!” Aria (little sis) frowned. “I wanted to play with her!” Mom’s neutral face did not change as she replied, “No. she is sick, so you can’t play.” Aria made a “hmph” noise and stomped to her room. “Just stop right there, little missy.” Aria turned around, not to mention, the bucket of apple juice in her hands. “What?” She asked angrily. “You can’t have all that apple juice. It’s unhealthy for you. Give it.” Aria’s face showed a moment of disgust, but then slowly gave mom the bucket. Then, she walked to her room. Mom turned to me. “Let’s take your temperature.” She walked into the pantry and grabbed the thermometer. “98.7. You are at a normal temperature. You probably just have a headache. Hey, want some ice cream to cool down?” Mom said. I nodded, and said, “How did Aria get all that apple juice? I mean, we had no apple juice, and then she came in with a whole bucket of it!” Mom just shrugged. She then asked, “What kind do you want?” “Mint chocolate chip, please.” I replied excitedly. She brought out the ice cream tub. She handed the tub to me, and said, “Serena, you can have as much as you want. And you can watch a movie while you eat.” “Really?” I asked. Mom nodded and said, “Just not my soap operas.” I made a confused face. Mom shook her head and sighed. “We can talk about this later. Enjoy your movie and ice cream! Don’t let Aria in.” Mom closed the door softly and headed to her room. “Dun dun dun dun dundun.” The phone rang. I looked at my phone. It was my best friend Jane! I picked up the phone excitedly. “Hello?” I said, my voice quivering with excitement. “Hey girl!” Jane replied. “OMG! It’s you!” I exclaimed. “Um… ok?” I heard Jane mutter “Oh my cow poo. She doesn’t remember me!” “I remember you!” I said. “Ok. Anyway, what are you doing tonight? I bought two tickets for the new movie ‘Games Come to Life’ Can you come?” My jaw dropped. I had always wanted to see ‘Games Come to Life’ “Sure! What time?” I asked, still in a daze that she had invited me to the movies. “Um, 7:30? We live nextdoor to each other, and it takes ten minutes to get there. Movie starts at eight, and we need to check in and stuff.” I pondered, wondering what mom would think of an eight o’ clock movie. “Yeah, sure maybe. I’ll ask my mom, and then I’ll update you. Thanks, Jane! Bye! TTYL!” “Bye girl!” I hung up the phone, and walked to mom’s room. “Hey,” I said. “Hello. I heard your conversation with Jane. I know this is upsetting, but I do not approve of an eight o’ clock movie.” “Mooooom! You never let me do anything! Ever!” I was crying now, and mom was holding a box of tissues for her soap operas, but she gave them to me. “Now now.” She said.

June 2, Second Day of Break, 7:30 PM
“Ding ding!” I looked out the window. Rage filled me when I saw Jane’s bike. She beckoned for me to come out. Jane whipped out her phone. “Are you coming? Need 2 leave now.” She texted to me. “Mom. Jane’s expecting me to come out there with my bike, and plus, she just texted me to leave now. We’re going to be late.” I said. Mom sighed. “You are growing so quick.” “I’m fourteen, mom!” “Fine. You can go to the movies, and have the sleepover like you suggested.” I let out a short, loud whoop. I grabbed my sleepover bag, tossed it onto my bike, and wheeled it outside. Jane was chewing gum, and said, “Finally! Chomp Are you ready? Chomp Let’s go! Chomp chomp After, we head to my house! chomp Off we go!” We rode in the night, as the cool breeze ripped and tugged at our faces, as if the wind hated us. I wonder if Jane’s mom knows about this.. I thought sluggishly, as we pulled up into the bike movie theater parking zone. We set our helmets down and Jane checked her watch. “7:45! Come on, Serena, we need to check in and find our seats!” She tugged me to the ticket booth. Jane checked us in, and we walked to the condiments aisle, where a boy my age was taking a shift. That guy seems familiar! I thought excitedly. “Hey, Serena! Great in theater today! Bravo!” Oh, that’s it! Kyler from school! I thought to myself. Then I snapped back to the and reality. “Yeah, thanks! Why are you working here? I mean, the movies are great and all, but really?” Kyler sighed. “My mom’s mad at me because I broke my computer, and I have to work until I get enough money for a Tech person to fix it. Tech is the brand. Silly name, I know, but it’s the cheapest technology company. Ever.’’ Jane was glaring at me. “Girl, movie is starting. Let’s go!” Jane exclaimed. As Jane was tugging me towards our movie room, I heard Kyler shouting “Bye, Serena! See you tomorrow!” “Bye!” I airly shouted back. When Jane and I arrived in the screening room, she whispered, “What was that, Serena?! When we were walking into the theater, you were fine! When we went to the condiments aisle, and you freaked and you went wonky! sigh We’ll talk about this at my house, when we ride home.” I shrugged nervously. She was on to me. We found our seats while the movie was starting. “Once there was two high school girls who loved to eat.” The narrator said calmly. “Yawn.” Jane and I yawned tiredly when we were halfway through the movies. “This is boring.” I complained in Jane’s ear. Jane nodded. “Let’s go home. We’ll have more sleepover time. And my sister Aquata is still at dance, and she won’t get back until at least.. hmmm…. 9:00?” I nodded and got up. Jane got a phone call from her mom, and she rushed out of the screening room, phone next to her ear, frantic look on her face, and said into the phone, “Mom……. Please no!…………… She cried for this!……..” Jane let out a relieved sigh as she hung up the phone. “My mom didn’t know that we were having a sleepover. I begged, and she allowed it.” I let out a whoop. An old man shushed me and said, “It’s the good part! Shush!” I bowed and left the room. As we hopped on our bikes, Jane whipped out her phone and typed in her address, and then grabbed my phone and typed in her address again. She pressed start on both phones. We breathed in deeply and pushed on our bike pedals. The ride to Jane’s house seemed quicker than it usually is. Usually, other people like Kyler were clogging up the bike lane, but at this time of night, no person was on the bike path. You know, nowadays, in 3027, anyone in any age group can ride bikes to stores, movies, anywhere! As we pulled up, Jane’s little sister, Aquata, was practicing her dance on the driveway, next to… wait a second….. A BROKEN IPAD?!?! “JANE!” I shouted. “Aquata broke your iPad!” Apparently Jane had noticed already. She grabbed Aquata by the hand and swung the door open. Jane pushed Aquata into her room. She turned to me. “Let’s go.” We lazily hopped up the soft, plushy red velvet stairs. Jane had brought the iPad with her. When we got into her room, Jane said something under her breath like “Ugh. Aquata is a name from the Little Mermaid, so can’t she live Under The Sea like Sebastian and Ariel?” Jane examined the iPad and sighed a sigh of relief. “Luckily, only the cover is broken, and I have tons of backups.” She said. She pulled a cover out of her closet and replaced it. Suddenly I got a call. My phone was vibrating like crazy. Well, to me at least. An overwhelming feeling took over my mind, and my stomach was churning. This call must mean something big, because I only get this feeling when something big is creeping up on me. A tornado of thoughts swirled im my mind. Little voices in my head were screaming, “Pick up the phone!’’ I shakily reached for the phone. Jane was staring at the caller ID with a surprised look on her face. BOOOP! ‘’Hey! It’s Kyler! Um, can you drop off my notes tomorrow after school? I think I left them at your house when we studied together.” “Sure.”I muttered. He hung up the phone. Jane then said, “Let’s watch a movie, and then we’ll hit the hay for the night.” I nodded, lumps in my throat. We headed downstairs. Jane turned on “Games Come to Life, Revised”. The one at the movies was so boring! That’s why we put on the revised version. For the next hour and a half, we were laughing at funny parts, cringing at weird parts, and oohing at the best parts. But throughout the movie, these words were screaming in my head; “GIRL, GET IT TOGETHER! YOU’RE EMBARRASSING YOURSELF!”, and occasionally those thoughts were interrupted by Jane jumping into my arms. Soon the movie finished. We tiredly walked back upstairs and put on our pajamas. We flopped onto the bed. Jane brought out her phone and ordered pizza and slushies for us. We fell asleep before the pizza came, which we never thought would be a problem. Apparently, the pizza man left the pizza and slushies outside, so the pizza was cold. So, around 10:30 P.M., we looked outside to see if the pizza was here, so guess what? The hot pizza was cold and stale, (which I prefer), and the slushies were melted. We were horrified. So, we threw it all out, and went to bed. At midnight, I woke up with a snap, nearly waking Jane up. I slowly and quietly got out of bed. I walked downstairs, grabbed my coat, fuzzy slippers, and bike keys, and opened the front door, while a cold breeze greeted me. I hopped on my bike, and started on the pedals, not to mention, bag on my shoulder. I knew it was rude, but I wanted to go home.
When I got to the door, mom greeted me with a hug. She tucked me in bed, and I slept, for a long, long time.

June 17, Still Summer Break, 1:00 PM
I took out my almost filled journal. I brushed the cover and all of the sudden, I had an urge to write in the thing! I took out my fuzzy pen, and I opened to a fresh, blank page. “It’s been so much fun on summer break!” I wrote down eagerly. “And, tomorrow I’m having a pool and slumber party with my new friend, Crystal!” I added. I was so excited! “And, I turned fifteen two days ago! If you can tell, my birthday is June 15!” I happily jotted down. Knock, Knock. “Hello? Whoever it is, identify yourself.” I said. I threw down my diary and pen. I took out my walkie talkie and said urgently, “I’m under attack! Send backup!” After a minute, the response I got surprised me. “You are an agent. Most importantly, you are Agent_S. You got this.” The spy on the other end said. Now, I have to reveal this to all you readers; I’m really a spy. My agent name is Agent_S, and I actually go under attack a lot. But this kind of attack usually did not happen. The person was not coming through the door, but she was not identifying herself. But my journal entry comes to an end here. They’re coming in. And they do not look happy.

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